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Paddling in our beautiful archipelago is a great experience – both in winter and in summer! The North Åland archipelago is very peaceful so you can be out for days without seeing a soul.

Our rental kayaks are of high quality, manufactured by the famous Swedish VKV boat and canoe works. We are happy to rent kayaks to independent travellers or to organise guided trips for groups.

We have all the necessary equipment and maps; we also provide advice on interesting routes and sights and can book accommodation for you.


Buy a second-hand kayak



We carefully inspect every kayak we sell, fix any possible dents and finally wax them thoroughly. We take care that the kayaks are in perfect condition and look immaculate.

Buying a kayak from us guarantees a good deal, as we meticulously check each kayak and address any flaws and finally wax them that makes you feel that you receive something almost as good as new.

Currently we have some Lisa, Kåre and Seagull Off Shore.

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