Hermit’s hut on a desert island

Enjoy the perfect peace and quiet in Gyllenklobb island

At sunset the last rays of the sun paint the island cliffs in a golden glow – hence the name Gyllenklobb.

The Hermit’s hut is situated on the island’s highest point.

Our accommodation package is as follows: First and third night in a terraced house in Sandosund, second night in the Hermit’s hut on Gyllenklobb. Transport to Gyllenklobb after the first night and breakfast in the Taverna, back to Sandosund on the next day. The price of 460 € includes accommodation, transport, breakfasts (in the Taverna and supplies on Gyllenklobb). A heated (+37 °C) outdoor hot tub is available for an extra cost of 70 €.

from 200€/night
x 1 x 2

Outdoor hot tub

The outdoor hot tub is on the shore of Gyllenklobb in the midst of nature. Enjoy the warm (+37 °C) water on a chilly spring morning with the sea birds swimming by, or marvel at the full moon in the dark autumn sky.

Hermit's hut

There is a solar panel that generates enough electricity for illumination and small electronic devices (220 V). The stove heats the hut during chilly evenings.





A hut has a great view! There are no words to describe it – you have to see for yourself!


Cooking possibilities

Inside: a gas stove and a fridge. Outside: BBQ.

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